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25733 Stephen Lane  Parma, Idaho 83660

Pictures of the old leaning barn when we purchased the farm back in August 2011. The barn was the main attraction in purchasing the farm and Leaning Barn Farms was born. 

That fall and winter we were hit with hard wind from the west, which caused many sleepless nights worrying that the barn would fall. The pictures below shows the poles holding up the barn on the leaning side this sure helped me sleep better at night!! 

The winter of 2016-2017 with our record snow fall the old roof didn't withstand the 24"snow load. I had concerns before that winter about the structure of the roof so this was an easy decision on replacing the roof before renovation started. 

Arial photo of the collapsed roof May 2017 just before starting the renovation.

Summer of 2017 once I had removed the damaged roof the fun began, inside flooring consist of 2x10 which needed to be removed with the 2x6 floor joist which I discovered 100 years of grain and hay dust had accumulated underneath the floor. 

The west wall foundation had crumbled along with the rotting walls giving way and adding many years of westerly winds had caused the barn to lean to the east. I had jack up the west wall and clean out the old concrete and started forming up for the new foundation. 

Once the concrete in place the work had started with building the new west wall to complete my supporting all four walls around the barn. This seemed to level all walls and everything squared up nicely.   

I started framing the roof in the fall 2018 with the help of my youngest son (Lance) lucky in that week period we had framed the stick roof and started some of the plywood sheeting on the new roof. The old roof consist of 2x4 24" on centers with 1x6 sheeting, cedar shakes and corrugated aluminum tin, the new roof I replaced with 2x6 24"centers with 1/2 plywood.

Borrowed our local farmers hyster to place the 1/2 plywood sheeting up the 20' walls which was a big time saver. 

Once the plywood sheeting completed this seemed to give the old barn its sheer strength back on all 4 walls and roof. The copula framed in quite nice and has added to the roof line. The old aluminum roofing destroyed from the roof collapsing due to heavy snow. I found someone in the valley that had salvaged some galvanized roofing from another old barn which restored the original look.        

October 2018 completed the roofing project with the help of my brother-in law (Robert) and hope to start back this summer inside replacing the floor, my plans to use 2x10 flooring salvaged from another old barn to give the same look of the original floor which unfortunately could not salvage. Looks good and as you notice the poles are gone from the east side and its standing upright on its own!!